Satuaarre is a Finnish puppet theatre established in 1994 by senior members of the Kallan Tiirat Scout and Guide Troop. The homestage of the puppet theatre is located in the beautiful surroundings of decorated wooden buildings in Kuopio. Satuaarre performs traditional fairy tales for both children and adults.



About Us

Puppet Theatre Satuaarre was established in 1994 by senior members of the Kallan Tiirat Scout and Guide Troop. The translation of the Finnish name of the puppet theatre is "the treasure of fairytales".

Satuaarre performs traditional fairy tales, which have a deep and educational message for both children and adults. The group has also dramatized Bible stories.

The homestage of Puppet Theatre Satuaarre is located in the centre of Kuopio (Torikatu 28). Performances can be ordered to different locations. For example, Satuaarre has presented plays in schools, at day-care centres and in connection with various events. Performances have taken place also abroad: in Portugal, Austria and Sweden.

Satuaarre has produced the following DVD:s: “The Good News of Christmas”, “The Silver Skates” and “Hipsuvarvas ja Nököhammas”. Hipsuvarvas ja Nököhammas is a story of the adventures of a mouse family.

A booklet based on the puppet theatre play “Brave George and the Dragon” has been translated into several languages.




22.9. 6 pmSeikkailujen laakso

(Enid Blyton)

23.9. 3 pmSeikkailujen laakso

(Enid Blyton)

27.10. 6 pmSeikkailujen laakso

(Enid Blyton)

28.10. 3 pmSeikkailujen laakso

(Enid Blyton)

17.11. 6 pmSeikkailujen laakso

(Enid Blyton)

18.11. 3 pmSeikkailujen laakso

(Enid Blyton)

15.12. 6 pmThe Christmas Gospel

(The Bible)

16.12. 3 pmThe Christmas Gospel

(The Bible)

Our perfomances can be ordered to different locations. Please, contact us, if you wish to order a puppet theatre performance at our homestage or to some other place.


5 € / person
The prices for ordered performances are negotiated individually.

Tickets can be bought half an hour before the performance at the entrance. Bookings in advance: tel. +358 41 548 4518.
Also gift vouchers can be bought to Satuaarre performances.

Welcome to our performances!



of Puppet Theatre Satuaarre over the years:

Kaislikossa suhisee (K. Grahame) 2017
Hyvä paimen (perustuu Raamattuun) 2016
Tuhlaajapoika (Bible) 2014
Seikkailujen linna (E. Blyton) 2013
Ollin hiihtoretki (E. Beskow) 2012
Kuinka-Kum-Maa on kaikkialla  (M. Kurenniemi) 2011
Nipan ja Napan lahja (T.-M. Salminen) 2010
Seikkailujen laakso (E. Blyton) 2010
Ritari Yrjänä ja lohikäärme (legenda) 2007
Auringonmuna (E. Beskow) 2006
Oli ennen Onnimanni (M. Kurenniemi) 2005
Peikkojen joulu (Z. Topelius) 2004
Maija Mehiläinen (W. Bonsels) 2004
Sammakkosaaren vanki (A. Siniluoto) 2004
Höyhensaarille (pohj. A. Lydeckenin samannim. runoon) 2002
Hipsuvarvas ja Nököhammas (engl. kansansatu) 2002
Iris rukka (A. Swan) 2001
Myyrän uudet housut (Z. Miler, E. Petiska) 2000
Ruma ankanpoikanen (H. C. Andersen) 1999
Salainen puutarha (F. H. Burnett) 1999
Hopealuistimet (M. Mapes Dodge) 1998
Peukaloisen retket (S. Lagerlöf) 1998
Pauli matkalla Suuren Kuninkaan kaupunkiin (J. Bunyan) 1997
Pikku Heidi (J. Spyri) 1997
Lintu Sininen (Z. Topelius) 1997
Pinokkio (C. Collodi) 1996
Petteri Kaniini ja Penna Pupu (B. Potter) 1996
Laupias samarialainen (Raamattu) 1996
Jouluevankeliumi (Raamattu) 1995
Täti Vihreä, Täti Ruskea ja Täti Sinipunainen (E. Beskow) 1995
Pieni mierolainen (N. Sibelius) 1995
Suolankantaja (Grimm) 1994
Prinsessa Ruusunen (C. Perrault) 1994
Adalminan helmi (Z. Topelius) 1994
Untuvakerä (engl. kansansatu) 1993



The Silver Skates

A warm story of the Brinker family, who lived in the 1800s in Holland, the land of windmills and canals.

Puppet theatre play
Duration: 26 min
Subtitles: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Hebrew
Year of production: 2009
Price: 14 €

Hipsuvarvas ja Nököhammas

In the beginning of 20th century, the Finnish author Helmi Krohn told this English story of two mice, Hipsuvarvas and Nököhammas, to Finnish children. Puppet Theatre Satuaarre has performed the story with sweet hand puppets. Children can easily identify with the animals the story.

Puppet theatre play
Duration: 29 min

Subtitles: Finnish, Sedish, English and Hebrew

Year of production: 2003
Price: 14 €

The Good News of Christmas

The Good News of Christmas takes the audience to the events of the first Christmas.

Puppet theatre play
Duration: 23 min
Subtitles: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Spanish and Hebrew
Year of production: 1998, Master DVD produced in 2004
Price: 14 €

Brave George and the Dragon

The booklet is based on the puppet theatre play “Brave George and the Dragon”.

Available in: Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Spanish.
Year of production: 2007
Price: 10 €


Gift voucher

Gift vouchers can be bought to the performances of Puppet Theatre Satuaarre.


Products can be bought in the connection with performances and also from restaurant Lounas-Salonki (Kasarmikatu 12).


The Valley of Adventure

Brave George

The Ugly Duckling

Hipsuvarvas ja Nököhammas

The Silver Skates

The Good News of Christmas

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